Discount of € 100,- or more on the African Dream Trips

In October the new season has started in Gambia or The Gambia as the Gambians say. To celebrate this, Ecotours Gambia gave a discount on the African Dream Trips for a short period of time.

Because of the many reactions we received, we have permanently reduced our prices for the African Dream Trips for the entire season 2016/2017.


Experience ‘The African Dream’

At only six hours away from the Netherlands, you can experience unique Gambia. A world full of color and fragrance, where you will be tempted by the vitality of the population. With music, dance, sun and culture. Where friendly people surprise you by their lust for life and who will proudly show you how an poor country can be rich. Passion and positivity, which will be rewarded by Ecotours Gambia by re-investing part of the profit back into the country. Direct support, which you can see with your own eyes.

For example, through a contribution for new agricultural machinary or the personal delivery of a Waka Waka Power device. This way, a trip to Gambia will be an experience that will effect genuine result for visitors als well as the inhabitants. As an unforgettable experience for you and as well as support for the local population. This contruction  is the essence of Social Return on Investment. Experience ;The African Dream’ for yourself with Ecotours Gambia.

African Dream Trips

Art & Craft

The 7-day Art and Craft Trip offers a unique experience with four workshops, in which you will be encouraged to open your own symbolic and spiritual world. It includes a painting workshop by the Senegalese-Gambian artist Pico, a Tye and Dye workshop and workshops with Gambian music and dance. During this trip you will stay in the beautiful Tanji Bird Reserve, at a pristine beach.

Food & Cooking

This 7-day African Dream Trip is an encounter with the real Gambia. The scents, colours and the crowds are overwhelming. During the trips you’ll witness today’s developments in food production and food preparation, how deforestation is countered through donations and social learning youth projects, and hard work is done to create a better future. During this trip you stay at the beautiful Tanji Bird Reserve Ecocamp.


Gambia is a flat country. This provides excellent opportunities for cycling. Our 7-day cycling trip runs along the southern bank of the Gambia River and offers a unique experience of The Gambia. We visit interesting places like Ndemban and Tendaba Camp, including a bird safari and a boat trip through the mangroves. The first and last night you stay at the beautifully situated Tanji Bird Reserve Ecocamp.

Traditional Healing & Wellness

We combine the intriguing inside look into the soul of Africa with 6 days of zen meditation. During this 7 day trip you stay at the unique location Tanji Bird Reserve Eco-Camp, just behind a pristine beach. Keywords here are peace and contact with nature. You meditate under expert guidance of the authorized Zen master Angela Kranendonk. Total relaxation, surrounded by the sounds of birds, in the middle of the forest.

Bird Watching

The Gambia is home to an impressive number of more than 540 species of birds. You’ll find a whole host of exotic species behind your round house. So whether you’re a first timer, a keen amateur or an enthusiast looking for particular species we guarantee you’ll be inspired by this 7 day bird watching trip Ecotours Gambia offers. During this tour you will be accompanied by our experienced bird guide Salifu Jawu.

African Daily Life & History

What is it like to sleep in a grass house, to live in a compound? How did Gambia arise and what is still visible from its past? This African Dream Trip answers all these questions, taking you past many interesting places alongside the Gambia River. You meet Gambian people telling their stories, offering you an understanding of the true sense of community and the ways in which people in Gambia lead their daily lives.

Children meet Africa

Ecotours Gambia is the only tour operator, who has a tour, especially for children from 13 to 18 years of age, in its package. The purpose of this tour is to introduce children to children from another culture and in doing so widen their horizon. To see that, despite the large difference, the children in Gambia have the same wishes and desires. To go to school and build a happy life for themselves in the future.



The value of the Waka Waka

In recent months Ecotours Gambia gave some Waka Waka’s to inhabitants…